Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Samyang and its beverage product development specialists are equipped with the Aseptic Filling System that keeps the flavor of the beverage intact as well as the pilot beverage manufacturing facilities.

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Below is the list of all products that Samyang Asepsys is producing through the aseptic filling system including the standard and Customer’s bottles.
Customer’s bottles are customized bottles that are designed as the client requested. Although it takes a longer time to develop Customer’s bottles compared to the standard bottles due to the design and molding process, the shape of the bottle that is different from the products of other companies creates an incomparable uniqueness.

Standard bottles can be developed without making a separate investment in molding. The product has the advantage that it has proven its production stability and it is a design that is already used by many customers and is familiar to them.

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Image Company Brand Spec. Note
LG Household & Health Care Babience 0.13L,
0.24L(Customer’s bottle)
-Modified dry milk
-1st step: 0-6 months
2nd step: 6-12 months
3rd step: 12-24 months
Paldo O'yu Fruit Time 0.34L(Customer’s bottle) -Milk-based beverage
CJ Fruit Vinegar for Drink 0.5L,
0.9L(Customer’s bottle)
-Drinking vinegar
-Flavor: pomegranate,,
blueberry, green grape,
lemon citron, green apple
Collagen water
0.33L(Customer’s bottle) -Collagen water
Dr. Chung's Food Almond Choco 0.2L(Customer’s bottle) -Wide mouth neck(38mm)
-Full label (perforation)
Lotte Chilsung Beverage 2% HEART BEAT 0.5L(Customer’s bottle) -Flavor: peach,
-Wide mouth neck(38mm)
LG Household & Health Care Babience
Baby Water
0.24L(Customer’s bottle) -Baby Water
Namyang I am mother 0.13L, 0.24L(Customer’s bottle) -Stage 1 : For 0-6 Month
Stage 2 : For 6-12 Month
Stage 3 : For 12-24 Month
Ildong Foodis True Mon 0.24L(Standard bottle) -Stage 1 : For 0-6 Month
Stage 2 : For 6-12 Month
Stage 3 : For 12-24 Month
Lotte Food With Mom 0.15L, 0.24L(Customer’s bottle) -Stage 1 : For 0-6 Month
Stage 2 : For 7-12 Month
Stage 3 : For 13-36 Month
LG Household&Health Care Babience Goat Milk for Baby Formula 0.24L(Customer’s bottle) -Stage 1 : For 0-6 Month
Stage 2 : For 6-12 Month
Stage 3 : For 12-24 Month
Lotte Chilsung Beverage GATORADE 0.6L(Customer’s bottle) -Flavor: Lemon, Blue Bolt, White Splash
Kwangdong Pharm. Vita 500 0.24L(Standard bottle)
Ilding She is Pro 0.45L(Customer’s bottle)
JW Pharm. Fastop 0.3L(Standard bottle) -Wide-cap(38mm)
HHC LTD. Phyton Water 0.41L(Customer’s bottle)
Coca-Cola Korea Toreta 0.9L(Standard bottle)
Coca-Cola Korea Power ade 0.9L(Standard bottle)
Dr.Chung’s Food Real Coconut Milk 0.24L(Standard bottle)
Binggrae My Bean's Soy Milk 0.21L(Customer’s bottle) -Soy milk
-Flavor: sesame-like aromatic taste,
black bean
Dr. Chung's Food Vegemil Soy Milk 0.2L(Standard bottle) -Soybean Milk
-Flavor: banana, green tea
apple, melon
Dr. Chung's Food Cafetera 0.2L(Customer’s bottle) -Soy milk
-Flavor: coffee
-Wide mouth neck(38mm)
-Full label (perforation)
Eugina Limited Yougert Drink 0.2L Wide-cap(38mm)
Maeil Absolute 0.2L, 0.24L - Stage 1: For 0-6 Month Stage
2: For 6-12 Month Stage
3: For 12-24 Month